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Awards 2009

2009 Maintenance Professional of the Year

photo-peter-mThis year’s Maintenance Professional of the Year award was presented to Peter Cameron of JSG Trucking. During his 20 year career in the United State Air Force, Pete pursued higher education and received both his bachelor and master degrees in Business Administration. He began his 2nd career in the trucking industry and was immediately hired by JSG Trucking upon graduation from truck school.

Pete started on the ground floor as a local intercity transfer truck driver. It was apparent that Pete excelled in this position and was full of ambition to advance up the ladder. When Pete heard JSG was seeking a new Shop Foreman, he immediately applied and without hesitation JSG offered Pete the position.

Once Pete began his position as the new Shop Foreman, he wasted no time in developing and implementing changes to the JSG maintenance department.
Changes such as revising the tire maintenance program and an inventory control system, resulted in better accountability practices and eliminating unnecessary downtime. Pete developed a comprehensive service program that allowed services and repairs to be done in a timely basis and designed a regimented maintenance schedule for the shop to follow. In other words, Pete took an adequate system and made it a GREAT system.

In 2009 Pete became the Fleet Manager of JSG Trucking. Since his promotion, Pete has reduced the Maintenance Departments operating costs by 29%. Pete has proven that he has the leadership skills to motivate his employees, ability to plan, implement and monitor programs. His education and work ethic makes him the perfect candidate for Maintenance Professional of the Year.