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Going Green

What does it really mean?

JSG-trucking-01Anyone can say it but what does “Green” mean? For JSG Trucking Green means maximizing the 3 R’s Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Our company is always looking for ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and still provide the outstanding service our customers have come to expect.

What are we doing?

To reduce our carbon footprint JSG Trucking has implemented the following practices.

  • photo-green-logo-mdWe have implemented a strict Zero tolerance on diesel engine idling

  • Annual smoke testing of all diesel engines, insuring all engine exhaust is within allowable limits.

  • Reduced speed settings on all new equipment, improving fuel consumption and reducing green house gases.

  • In coordination with our waste collection company we have implemented an across the board recycling program at our terminal.

Through innovative practices we have reduced the amount of hazardous waste generated by our maintenance department. Waste oil generation is down almost 15% over a year ago and contaminated absorbent material generation is down by nearly 90%. ALL of the antifreeze removed from vehicles during maintenance is collected, sent for recycling and purchased for re-use in our maintenance department.